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Welcome to Simplified Analysis. This is your Website reading nook about investments in India. Stocks, bonds, real estate, startups, derivatives, mutual funds, retirement plans, exotic investments, macroeconomics, inference of news, investment.

Think of this website as a filter; there is far too much content out there and a lot of it is irrelevant.


Anything that is posted here has to pass a single rule -

“Does this affect my money?”


So what kind of content can you expect?

  1. Posts on new and interesting investment opportunities and ideas

  2. answers/articles on the Investing, Taxes, Finance and the wider economy.

  3. Company Fundamentally analysis 


What will you not see?

  1. Stock tips or recommendations

  2. Shilling or spam

  3. Sub-par content


Who is managing this Website?

At the moment, Simplified Analysis in curated by me, Rajat Kulshrestha, but I would love to be joined by more people! If you are interested in contributing, message me from Home  or About page.

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