• Rajat Kulshrestha

China's Domination in Indian Market

Indian export to china in 2001-1 Billion USD.

Indian import from china in 2001-2 Billion USD.


Indian export to china in 2019-2020 - 18 Billion USD.

Indian import from china in 2019-2020- 74 Billion USD.

If you do the simple math, you will find the gap of 1 Billion USD to 56 Billion USD in 20 years.

The reason is simple China has now become the Global manufacturing hub, they produce good in mass production,which result in cheap price and supply its goods to all over the world.

China export more goods and import less goods and because of this they have maintained a very good Reserve and Surplus of Foriegn Exchange.

Now Let's see the data how much China's share is in the India Market.

Smartphone- Market Size - 2 Lakh crore Rs

Chinese share is 72%

Indian share is 28%

Includes feature phones, smartphones, equipment's, charger, USB cable, earphones etc.

Telecom Equipment- Market Size – 12,000 crore Rs

China share is 25

India share is 75%

Like,Huaewi, etc.

Internet Apps- Market size- 450 million

China share is 66%

India share is 34%

Game like PUBG, and other apps like UC Browser, Tiktok, etc

Solar power- Market size- 37,916 MW

China share is- 90%

India share is- 10%

Includes solar photovoltaic cells or solar cells,etc.

Television- Market size- 25,000 crore Rs

China share is- 45-50%

India share is- 50-55%

Includes TV sets such as LCD's,LED's and Plasma's TV

Steel- Market size- 108.5 MT

China share is- 18-20%

India share is- 80-82%

Includes billets, slabs and hot rolled coils.

Pharma- Market size- 2 Billion USD

China share is- 60%

India share is- 40%

Includes Drugs, Syringes, etc.

Home appliance- Market size- 50,000 crore Rs

China share is- 10-12%

India share is- 88-90%

Includes material like Aluminium and Brass, etc.

Auto Components- Market size- 57 Billion USD

China share is- 26%

India share is- 74%

Includes Lower retainer checking fixture, Die casting machine, sheet fabrication machining, etc.

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