• Rajat Kulshrestha

How street food vendor's gets affected by Covid19?

Food which is the important part of our daily life which helps us to keep alive an function all day. But during this Global Pandemic and social distancing, people are tensed and feared about eating at the street food vendors.

This has not only affected the life of the foodie people but also the lives of the vendor that they earn through.

Even after the Covid19. People will less likely to eat food outside and other option will also be they will also prefer to start cooking for themselves.

This will create the big problem for the vendors. The Revenue they will be generating post Panademic will be less, so does the profit and will unable to pay their expenses much will thus leads to the decrease in Purchasing power parity (PPP).

Food and grocery constitutes accounts a good pie of consumer spending of around 31% in India. while the other nations like China spent 25%, Brazil 17% and United States 9%.

It has stood as the 5th largest industry in India.

However the food they provide Momos, Gol-gappey, Kulfi, Vada paov, khullad tea etc. are of quite reasonable rates and are almost same from place to place.

The next 6-months will be tough for them to survive, but in the case of restaurants they will manage to get their sales via opting food delivery services from the startups. But to solve this problem, Government of India to support nearly 50 lakh street vendors, for them they will give 5000 crores special credit facility for helping them.

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