• Rajat Kulshrestha

Is Economy getting back to green recovery?

The early signs of economic recovery have been seen in May and in June with more Economic activity like more Fuel consumptions, Production and transfer of goods within the domestic borders, financial transactions such as salary has seen an uptrend.

Social distancing is promoting cashless transaction via UPI and Digital wallets which is very good step in circulating the money in the economy. Restaurants are maximizing their sales via opting Home delivery from Startups.

But still there will be a time in resumption of Hospitality industry and Entertainment industry,

And after the Monetary policy Committee by RBI in May has changed the Repo-rates and Reverse-Repo rates in for boosting the economy and specially in favor for MSMEs and Startups.

Aftermath of Lockdown

There is no doubt that we are seeing good level of economy going up in June.

Taking base of Pre-covid19 (which is February) and as of now there as been a resume in economic activity of more than 70% in aggregate.

And the white-collar labor has not lost their jobs as much it was feared of course there would have been salary decreases and with no bonuses and variable pay but many fears that would happen, but it doesn’t.

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