• Rajat Kulshrestha

Ruchi Soya Industries - From bankruptcy to Top Performer

Ruchi Soya offers a wide range of food products that include healthy cooking oils, nutritional soya foods, top grade vanaspati and bakery fats over the decades, it has emerged as the largest player maker of the edible oil.

Despite being in a Bearish Market in the Economy during the Global pandemic, Ruchi Soya has been the Top Performer in the Stock market by delivering 8,800% of returns in last 5 months

A share worth 17 Rs went up to 1,507 Rs on on 26th June, by delivering this amazing result it has entered into the Mid Cap category.

It has not only get the Tittle of the Top Performer and it has been among the Talk of the season among the Retail and Small Investors, where every every Investor has a "RED portfolio"


1. Patanjali owner Baba Ramdev who holds the Majority of the stock and is the major Stake holder acquired it in a Bid of worth 4,350 Crore. Then they paid off their debts and did capital restructuring.

2. There are some predictions that it can get merged with Patanjali Ayurveda, but still it is unconfirmed.

3. Low Float- The Patanjali is in a Lock-in period of 3 years, that means the company owns majority of the stocks and means demand for the share is more and the supply is less. there is a clear cut DEMAND AND SUPPLY CONCEPT.

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